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Econet’s three-day technical glitch: Learn more about the frustrations and recent update

Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile network service, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, has announced a breakthrough following a technical fault that persisted for three days.

Since 6 March 2024, Econet users have been facing problems with the service. The company announced on its social media:

“Dear customers, we are facing a technical challenge, affecting recharge and some banking services. We regret the inconvenience caused and are working to restore normal service. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.”

The announcement came after the network’s subscribers complained that airtime top-up services were not functioning. They also experienced problems when they tried to transact on the Ecocash platform. Econet users were unable to use the mobile payment platform InnBucks. InnBucks also announced on its social media handles that the USSD Short Code *569# was not working for Econet users unless they used the mobile app. Other services like Old Mutual could also not function for Econet users.

Hours later, Econet announced that customers could now top up airtime using physical recharge cards bought from vendors.

Days after the technical nightmare, Econet was mum, even though users still experienced difficulties recharging or using Ecocash.

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Econet Shares Update On Technical Fault
Econet Technical Fault
Important Update From Econet Following A Three Day Technical Fault [Image: eBusiness Weekly]


Econet Wireless, which boasts over 12 million customers, has announced that it has made a breakthrough in solving the three-day technical fault.

Announcing on its socials, the mobile network subscriber said:

“To our valued customers, we wish to announce that the technical issues impacting *143#, recharge and banking services on our network have now been rectified. We deeply apologise for the disruptions this has caused. This has been a particularly challenging time, and your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for standing by us.”

Despite Econet Wireless announcing that service has now returned to normalcy, some users complained that other services were not working.


“Can’t purchase the hourly bundle.”


“And why are we now unable to make voice calls??? Is that going to take another week to sort out?”


“Yomix haisati yakuita, itai plan.”


“Hourly bundles are inaccessible?”


“Nothing was fixed. I can’t even check my balance.”


“I’m still failing to access all my banks from the Econet line.”

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