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Two arrested for using Starlink in Zimbabwe as crackdown intensifies

Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulatory body, POTRAZ, has started raids on businesses marketing and distributing Starlink Internet Services devices in an effort to impose control over unlicensed communications services.

The increasing number of local businesses advertising Starlink on social media, especially Facebook, in apparent violation of the law, has prompted the crackdown.

POTRAZ issues warning

POTRAZ has issued a stern warning, advising individuals against selling or using Starlink Internet Services in the country.

An official from POTRAZ confirmed the imminent crackdown, telling H-Metro,

It’s not allowed to sell or use Starlink in Zimbabwe, and police will be mounting raids and arrests soon.”

The official emphasised that those advertising the gadgets are putting themselves at risk and urged them to cease such activities immediately.

“All those advertising the gadgets are putting themselves at risk and they stand warned to stop selling and using them.

“We are seeing it and there is a need for proper processes.”

Raids and Arrests Loom

POTRAZ, in collaboration with the police in Harare, is set to conduct raids on businesses engaging in the illegal distribution and use of Starlink gadgets.

The official highlighted the importance of adhering to proper processes and obtaining the necessary licenses.

“The use of unlicensed telecommunication is not allowed,” the official emphasised. “Starlink is still in the process of applying for a license; they are not yet licensed.

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So far, the crackdown has resulted in the arrest of two individuals—one in Vic Falls and another in Bulawayo. Their cases are currently before the courts.

The arrests underscore the gravity of the situation, sending a strong message that authorities are prepared to take decisive action against those violating telecommunication regulations.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe’s pursuit of regulatory compliance in the telecommunications sector is evident in the recent crackdown on Starlink.

As the country braces for the anticipated raids, individuals and businesses are urged to adhere to legal processes to avoid facing the legal consequences

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