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Another hijacked building burns in Johannesburg

A fire engulfed a hijacked building in Johannesburg’s Beria neighborhood on Monday morning, forcing the evacuation of mostly illegal foreign immigrants who were occupying the building.

The fire broke out at around 2:00 AM and quickly spread through the building, which was reportedly being used as an unauthorized house. Emergency workers responded to the scene and were able to put out the fire within a few hours.

No injuries were reported, but several people were treated for smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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The fire is the latest in a string of fires that have occurred in hijacked buildings in Johannesburg. In recent years, there have been several fires in hijacked buildings that have resulted in fatalities.

Hijacked buildings are those that have been illegally taken over by squatters or tenants. They are often located in poor and informal settlements, and they can be a fire hazard due to their poor construction and lack of maintenance.

The Johannesburg City Council has said that it is working to address the problem of hijacked buildings, but it has been a challenge. The council has said that it needs more resources to demolish hijacked buildings and to provide housing for the people who are displaced.

The fire in Beria is a reminder of the dangers of hijacked buildings and the need for the Johannesburg City Council to take action to address this problem.

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