Cyan Boujee’s new video divides Mzansi “It’s very horrible”

South Africans on social media are dissatisfied with KFC and their Uncle Waffles burger. Many of them have posted bad reviews; in fact, one food influencer ended up being famous after spitting out her burger. Cyan Boujee, who evidently noticed the review, decided to weigh in.

She posted a video on TikTok of herself tasting it and, shockingly, loving it. Many people praised her for her candid critique in the comments area.

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It would appear a number of South Africans will not be having the Uncle Waffles KFC burger as their go-to meal at the fast food restaurant.

Many of them have rushed to the restaurant to get their hands on the meal but unfortunately, according to their reviews, the meal isn’t exactly to their liking.

One woman decided to review the meal herself but after taking one bit, however, it would appear she couldn’t stomach the meal and immediately spat it out on camera.

She has been criticised by influencer and IG model Cyan Boujee who shared a clip of herself trying the meal. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the meal and ate every last bite of it.

Take a look below:


Cyan is one of the first to say she actually likes the meal, naturally people in the comment section had their questions.

Some shared shared their thoughts on how they think the meal tastes.

“I tried it. It’s very horrible. I took one bite and threw it away. It’s too sweet and that whole texture is weird.,” one person said and a number of others agreed.

“Kgane why is it that you guys wena everyone to hate this burger? To you, The only “real” reviews are the bad ones. And I’m with her, it’s ok, the waffles are a bit dry.”

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