‘Immature’: Zimbabweans unhappy that CCC MPs will boycott Mnangagwa’s parliamentary address

Zimbabweans have expressed disdain at the senseless boycott by the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) of the official opening of the first session of the tenth parliament on Tuesday where President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to set the tone for laws to be handled by the House of Assembly.

CCC spokesperson, Promise Mkhwananzi, said, “We are boycotting the processes that Mnangagwa wants us to undertake tomorrow on the basis of the fact that we as CCC do not recognise an election that put him there.

“The election was a sham, it did not go well.

“It fell abysmally short of the expected standards of a free and fair election in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe as well as in terms of SADC and AU protocols on free and fair elections.

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“Accordingly, we are not attending that process. We want to send a clear message that there should be a free election in Zimbabwe under the auspices of SADC.

“So, that is the message that will be sending out tomorrow.”

Zanu PF, however, says it is surprised that CCC wants to boycott the official opening ceremony when they have representatives in the House of Assembly.

Joseph Tshuma, a member of the Zanu PF Central Committee, says CCC is taking Zimbabweans for granted.

Below are some of the responses form Zimbabweans;

Major E 🇿🇼 🍂 🇬🇧@EnosMangwiro

I once followed South Africa 🇿🇦 politics pane time yekuti EFF yaisada Jecob Zuma but they were always in Parliament fighting day in day out.

Some of the decisions need to think before it’s happened.


Predictable student politics.

They should boycott their allowances , loans, cars too that way we know they are truly serious.

Ed should use the such opportunities wisely to push his government agenda without opposition.


Then ED ‘s Gvt must be strict and withdraw all allowance and vehicles. They should get only their salaries the $ZWL component.
The country can’t afford Childish behavior anymore.
They can go to Mumba, and Hichilema to complain

Luke Dube@iSirLuke

Why did they even accept to be sworn in. We the citizens want them to be there, they must attend. It’s parliament business.

King Munhumutapa XXIV@MoyoChihota

But they will attend for signatures for cars and allowances. Y’all elected student politicians

hadreck nzounhenda@shadynzou

Does it make sense? Pliz make it make sense, they debate laws from his administration, ask his cabinet members questions, get allowances and cars from his admin, wait for the political finance distribution for their party from his admin!!!!! Again pliz make it make sense

Simon Musvosve@Musvosve

This is the governance structure we have. It would be a mistake to boycott the SONA. Parliament’s business is to be a check on the Executive. The President sets the legislative Agenda which Parliament has to consider & push Bills. It just ends up as an academic exercise.

Hon l. Ndudzo@Vandudzo80

Our opposition epitomizes the tragedy of politics without ideology, populism without principles, activism without values, leadership without logic, support without substance and determination without direction.

Bright Steve Tembo@brighttembo16

That spells immaturity, they are in an inaugural parliament which is effectively opened by the very man they intend to boycott instead of sitting there and interrogate him to account for grand looting schemes like the Mutapa Investment “club”.

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