Kelly Khumalo causes drama over poor sound quality

Talented South Afrcan singer Kelly Khumalo who is known for her powerful voice and commanding stage presence, took to the stage for what should have been a show-stopping performance. But the controversial singer caused quite a stir at the Lemo Festival, which replaced Macufe Festival, over the weekend in Bloemfontein, Free State.

Khumalo’s microphone and sound quality seemed to be off, and she was visibly frustrated throughout her set. The frustrated singer kept interrupting her band as she demanded technical crew to fix her mic and sound. Despite the drama, the crowd loved Kelly and wanted more.

“She is talented that is one thing you can’t take from her. The crowd came into a standstill and sang along,” the source said.

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It was later revealed that Khumalo had not attended the rehearsal, much to the frustration of the festival organisers. The lack of preparation was reflected in her performance, which was not up to her usual high standards.

The incident has caused a great deal of controversy, with many fans expressing their disappointment and frustration at the singer’s lack of preparation.

Some have even called for Khumalo to be banned from future festivals unless she takes her rehearsals more seriously. According to a source at the festival, the Asine hitmaker could not make it due to her busy schedule.

“I think she was fully booked; I know the previous weekend she was busy hence she couldn’t rehearse,” the source said.

According to the source the organisers were not happy with her onstage drama because to people who had no clue what was happening, it seemed like the organiser’s fault.

“She left a bitter taste in the mouth of the organisers, she is the only one who complained about her mic. Zonke and other big singers who actually came to the event did not have issues with anything or anyone. “Khumalo refused to comment on the matter.

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