Burna Boy’s South Africa Show Officially Cancelled

Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has decided to officially cancel his show slated for 16 December at FNB stadium in Jouburg South Africa amidst revelations that organizers managed to sell a few tickets.

Burna Boy’s management issued a statement stating that the show has been cancelled and those who had bought will get a refund.

Burna Boy sold out 1500 tickets out of 90,000.

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Reasons for the cancellation include;

“ inability for the promoters to fulfil their contractual, financial, production and technical obligations”

Also, it has emerged that production vendors had apparently not been paid on time.

Management conceded that the agreed production standard needed for the venue size could not be achieved.

additionally, TicketPro seized all sale of tickets to the concert.

According to a source who spoke to The Sowetan, a fraud case is part of what has led to megastar Burna Boy’s concert being cancelled in Joburg.

Sedote Nwachukwu, who is a CEO of a prominent entertainment company, Ternary Media Group, who are the organisers of the show, is accused of stealing R10m from the company.

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Nwachukwu was in charge of organising the Burna Boy concert which was supposed to take place this Saturday at FNB stadium, but due to pending legal proceedings, the event had been postponed to December 16.

Asked if the concert was cancelled due to low ticket sales, Ternary Media Group spokesperson, Kymoni Jackson, responded that the reason for the cancellation was due to the alleged R10m theft.

“He [Nwachukwu] stole R10m; that’s why we had to call it off. He lied to everyone who was part of the event and his investor Gregory Wings. We are willing to refund people,” he said.

South Africans have expressed joy over the cancellation saying that the superstar wronged them when he said they are xenophobic.

@Lisa_Akh: “Perfect! You don’t mess with Southies and think u will get away with it, we r fighting for AKA kemanje.”

@RealMrumaDrive: “He was correct we he said he will never set foot in Southy. Your own mouth is a dangerous tool.”

@alexsithole: “AKA once said: Cancel my people, cancel your visa, nobody gone’ enter, South Aah is the kingdom.”

@MonteBlanq: “I speak on behalf of our country as South Africans, this is Win for us all. Mad respect.”

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