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TB Joshua Foretold About The BBC Documentary: Video Reveals All

In the wake of the damning allegation made against the late Prophet TB Joshua by survivors of his alleged abuse, his ardent followers have shared an old video where the Nigerian cleric addresses his critics.

The world is torn after the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) dropped a fiery investigative documentary, Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua.

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TB Joshua Supporters Remain Steadfast

After a two-year investigation and interviews with over 40 former workers at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), some of whom had been part of the church since as early as 2000, lasting over 14 years, the BBC documentary has sparked widespread discussion.

Despite the serious nature of the allegations, supporters of TB Joshua, including fellow Nigerians, have rushed to his defence. The primary criticism directed at the documentary is its timing, given that TB Joshua is no longer alive to offer a response.

Video of TB Joshua Defending Himself Surfaces Amid BBC Documentary

In response, loyal followers of TB Joshua have brought forth a video featuring the cleric addressing his critics. In the footage, the Nigerian cleric expresses his resilience in the face of accusations of being fake. He even goes on to view criticism against his church as a form of free advertisement.

“God has given his Ministry advert. Every living Ministry has an advert; a free advert. What you say about me is an advert to me. If you leave here today, tomorrow you now go to the town and say, ‘Ah! That man is the devil. He’s not a man of God. You’re advertising me. Tomorrow you just leave here and say, ‘Ah! That church, don’t go there. They used to tie people down. You know it’s a bad church.’ You’re indirectly advertising me. Because the people you’re telling will want to confirm whether truly they tie people down. By the time they now come and find out that people are not tied down, they become members. This is why I did not have a signpost. No board. You cannot see any signposts outside. This is an advert God has given me for the last 30 years,” TB Joshua said at the time.

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He further explains that God instructed him not to have a signpost outside the church because his critics would unintentionally do the advertising for him.

“God said, ‘Don’t have any signpost, sign board. People will advertise your ministry to the world free of charge’.  So, you too live the truth. Let people advertise you. Don’t fight. Whatever people say about you, if truly you are genuine whether they condemn you or they spoil your name, they praise you they are for your good,” he said.

Watch the full video below.

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