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Xenophobic Gayton McKenzie exposed for being originally from Zimbabwe

He is known for advocating deortation of Zimbabweans from SA

South African politician Gayton Mckenzie has been under fire from several Zimbabweans who exposed that he is originally from Gweru, Zimbabwe.

McKenzie, who is the president of the Patriotic Alliance political party, has been vocal against illegal immigrants, especially Zimbabweans, residing in South Africa attracting the wrath of Zimbabweans.

South Africa is host to hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans who went there from 2000 forward as economic and or political refugees.

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McKenzie argues that foreign nationals, including Zimbabweans, should not be granted asylum if there is no war in their countries. He questions why people would go to a warzone in December, implying that their home countries are livable. He has called for an audit of permits, staying documents, job visas, and asylum seekers dating back to 1994.

Some Zimbabweans on social media have accused McKenzie of hating Zimbabweans and claimed that he is originally from Gweru. They allege that he made millions of dollars in Zimbabwe as a mining consultant but now does not want Zimbabweans to make money in South Africa.

They claim that his original name is Garikai Makwenzi.

Several decade-old tweets have been unearthed showing MacKenzie defending Zimbabwe’s beauty and calling it home. He also once posted in fluent Shona language as well as quoted Shona proverbs on different occasions.

He is also accused of impregnating his neighbour in Gweru and skipping town.

In response, McKenzie stated during an interview with SABC’s Sakina Kamwendo that he was an investor in Zimbabwe and did not enter the country through unofficial entry points like some Zimbabweans entering South Africa. He claimed that he only visited Zimbabwe when he was about seven years old and denied being xenophobic.

Recently, McKenzie was elected as the Mayor of the Central Karoo District Municipality and has expressed his intention to address foreign-owned businesses in his area.

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