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Mystery as 85 graves are vandalized at Warren Hills cemetery

AT least 85 graves have been destroyed at Warren Hills cemetery as of yesterday, the Harare City Council has confirmed.

Nearby residents woke up to find the destruction and they have no idea who could have done it. In African culture, the desecration of graves or cemeteries is taboo of the highest order.

Council spokesperson, Stanley Gama, said investigations were still underway.

“Yes, 85 graves at Warren Hills cemetery were destroyed.

“We don’t know who did that but some few years back the same cemetery was destroyed and it was established that the person who had done  it was mentally challenged.

“So, even in this case, we are suspecting that the person who did this is mentally challenged as well.

“As of now, we have increased security and even brought on board those who are armed, we have also reported the matter to the police.

“Once the motive has been established we will give an update.”

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