How to win in sports betting

Tips on how to bet on sports correctly – we start betting on the outcome of sports events using professional analytical tools in Betwinner. Learning to think like a professional better or capper is the cherished dream of every beginner player. 

But if earlier the path from a beginner to an expert in sports betting could be measured in several years, then today, using online technologies and delving into high-quality sports analytical information, which is replicated by sports agencies, you can learn the art of how to make money on bets, literally in one game season. We would like to recommend playing handball online, here are the best chances to win.

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The main rule of the player is not to scatter

The principles and rules of betting for each sporting event are approximately the same. But, nevertheless, each sport has its own competitive features and, therefore, the rules for successful betting can be significantly different for them. 

For players who are just starting their career as a bettor, choosing a sport for betting is one of the most important decisions. It is not recommended to play numerous types at once, master one, and already on the basis of the gained experience, include new areas of sports competitions in the game. 

In Kenya, the largest amount of relevant analytical information can be found on football matches, and therefore it will be easiest for a beginner to navigate precisely when calculating and forming bets to football.

Tips from bookmakers

Almost every bookmaker tells you how to correctly place bets on sports from the monitor screens. But if in 10 cases out of 10 such bookmaker information is exclusively of an advertising nature and will not be able to give a positive result, then some less obvious tools will still be able to provide the player with invaluable help, and will allow you to calculate your bet so as not to lose.

These tools include:

  • tournament and game statistics;
  • additional bonuses;
  • offered express options.

Of course, this is only initial information for analysis, but without if it is impossible to get basic information about how the bookmaker evaluates the future event. Experienced players compare the bookmaker’s information with the data of the best sports analytical sites presented on only bet. 

A lot of interesting information is given on English-language resources. Taking into account the collected data, a game plan is drawn up. rules for the formation of game strategies, each game and each calculation of bets are individual, but there are basics, without accepting which it is impossible to master the science of how to correctly place bets in a bookmaker office.

Such basic knowledge includes the following ideas:

  • search for bets on undervalued events;
  • ability to bet on outsiders;
  • immunity to losses (including serial losses);
  • calculation of the result for a set period of time and rejection of the idea of blowing a big jackpot in one game.

And, of course, the main tool for forming each bet is a mathematical calculation. analysis of bookmakers’ coefficients is one of the most fascinating techniques in sports betting, using which you can consistently win. The secret of betting is the search for bookmakers’ mistakes.


Can the rate factor change over time?

Yes, sports betting odds can change over time. For example, if many players bet on a team, bookmakers can lower the odds. The odds can also change during the match. In Live betting, the odds change depending on the events of the match (team goal, player’s red card, possession, etc.). Odds may change between the time a bet is placed and the time it is confirmed. In this case, the last value will be used!

Until what time can I place/cancel a bet?

Some bets must be confirmed before the game starts. Other bets are still accepted throughout the match. That’s the flexibility and one of the benefits of online betting! You choose the betting formula that suits you best. After you have selected a match or several matches, make sure that the selection is correct. After you have clicked “Continue”, “Confirm”, it is no longer possible to cancel the bet (or change it).

Can I bet during a match?

Yes, you can place bets during the match, this is called “Live betting”. Most bookmakers offer real-time betting. Bookmakers such as Betwinner even offer a Live TV service to follow the match live. It is an essential tool for making the best decisions and placing consistent real-time bets on sports events.

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