Jonathan Moyo Exposes Kasukuwere Bombshell

FORMER Cabinet minister Mr Saviour Kasukuwere tried to bribe his way back into Zanu PF following the fall of their bid to thwart President Mnangagwa’s ascendency in 2017, his erstwhile ally Professor Jonathan Moyo has revealed.

This comes as skeletons continue to tumble in the G40 faction following a decision by Prof Moyo and former Cabinet minister Mr Patrick Zhuwao to apologise to Zanu PF for aligning themselves to the opposition, specifically under the #ZanuPFmustgo hashtag.

While both Mr Zhuwao and Prof Moyo have had their Damascene moment, Mr Kasukuwere has not taken kindly to the duo’s public apology.

Kasukuwere in a leaked audio, attacked Prof Moyo and Mr Zhuwao for penning an apology letter to Zanu PF members.

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But taking no prisoners on social media, Prof Moyo claimed Mr Kasukuwere made endless forgiveness calls begging to be readmitted in the revolutionary Zanu PF party.

“Yet days after the coup, Saviour Kasukuwere coined the term ‘new dispensation’; he later made endless forgiveness calls and begged a Zanu PF bigwig with “APOLOGY CATTLE”!

“It’s cheap for Tyson to make hay out of the open ‘apology letter’ @PatrickZhuwao and I wrote. Our letter is public and is to Zanu PF members; unlike his private ‘APOLOGY CATTLE’ to ZANU PF bigwig,” said Professor Moyo.

Professor Moyo questioned whether Kasukuwere will stand by his private apology stance.

In what could expose Kasukuwere as an inconsistent politician, using his Twitter handle @Hon_Kasukuwere, in 2017 he wrote “Let’s embrace the new dispensation and build our nation. Unity is strength and peace is prerequisites for progress.”

Last Saturday it was somersault as Kasukuwere claimed he is “ready to lead” which Professor Moyo corrected saying “There is a difference of day and night between being ‘ready to lead’ and being ‘ready to serve’. Politics is not about leading it is about service!”

Prof Moyo, since apologising to Zanu PF, has exposed the country’s opposition leaders as bereft of ideas to take the nation forward, conceding that it is only the ruling party that can steer the nation to prosperity.-Herald

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