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Zim Women Pregnant For 7 Years After Snatching Husband

Alisa Sakile Marova, 29, of Mufakose, is said to have been pregnant for the past seven years in a suspected witchcraft case after stealing another woman’s husband.

Alisa became pregnant at the age of 22, but the baby did not come out.

Despite having previously confirmed that she was pregnant, doctors told her that there was no longer a baby in her tummy.

Destiny Media, a Newzimbabwe.com TV channel, caught up with her early this week and she narrated her ordeal.

“There is a man who I used to see who had not told me he was married. His wife came home to the place I used to stay but did not find me home as I had moved. The pregnancy however was not.

“I later received a private call and it was a woman’s voice. She threatened me. We searched for the lady after that. I had a friend who is a prophet and he gave me leads and a name, but we were told that she had died.

“We assume she is the one who bewitched me, but her family denies those accusations.”

She added;

“After I failed to conceive, my stomach started swelling and doctors ran numerous scans but they said there was nothing inside.

“I went to local and South African hospitals but doctors could not establish the problem. Now my doctor says it’s a cyst, but when it is drained my stomach swells back soon afterwards.”

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Meanwhile, tragedy struck Kubatanakwashe Faith Fellowship Church in Chipinge where two toddlers died after drinking a concoction at a church baptism ceremony along Save River last Friday.

The incident, which left Ndunduma Village in Chibuwe area under Chief Musikavanhu in a state of shock, occurred after the two children from the same village died mysteriously soon after consuming the concoction that had allegedly been prepared by the church leader, Pedzanai Masapa during the church service.

The Manica Post understands that Masapa had prophesied that a calamity would befall the Ndunduma children unless they were baptised.

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway, adding that no arrests have been made.

The two children were identified as Taurai Zituta-Sithole (one) and Raymond Bote (11 months).

They were both buried on Tuesday.

Said Asst Insp Chinyoka: “On November 25, Shangurai Chifadza (23) and Miriam Zvuihari (22) of Ndunduma Village went to attend a church service at Kubatanakwashe Faith Fellowship Church shrine in the same village. The church leader, Pedzanai Masapa (43) of Masimbe Village told the congregants to go for baptism along Save River.

“While at the river, Masapa prepared a concoction which was a mixture of milk, flour and coarse salt and made the children drink it before their baptism. This was according to their church doctrine.

“Before giving the minors the concoction to drink, Masapa prayed for the mixture and drank it first. He gave it to 10 infants who were present. However, a few minutes later, the two minors, Raymond Bote and Taurai Zituta-Sithole started producing froth from their mouths.

“They were rushed to their homes and died upon arrival. The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene. The bodies were taken to Chipinge District Hospital for post mortem,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

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