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Heartbreak As Bonga Escapes From Rehab

South Africans are outraged after Bonga Sithole, arguably Mzansi’s most intelligent homeless man, reportedly fled from a rehab facility a wellwisher booked him into.

Bonga became an internet sensation for speaking eloquent and fluent English on the streets of Johannesburg as he begged for money and food from motorists in Auckland Park.

One day, Bonga encountered Sisanda Qwabe, who recorded and shared a video online, which went viral and made Bonga famous.


God wi make a way Bonga, I don’t know how Jobe kodwa yena he will! ❤️ ❤️ Stay put! #interlectual #bonga #untoldstories #viralvideo

♬ God Will Make a Way – Don Moen & Integrity’s Hosanna! Music


After this, Sisanda took Bonga into her home, celebrated his birthday, and checked him into rehab.

Sisanda was determined to help Bonga get his life back on track. However, she was unprepared for the heartbreaking call she got over the weekend. She was so overwhelmed that she was crying on TikTok.

“I have just been woken up now; almost midnight here in Indonesia. Bonga discharged himself from the rehab, citing he has to follow his spiritual calling. He did not communicate with me about his decision; I’m just hoping it’s for the best.

“I’m hurt a lot because there’s a lot at stake. Bonga has a lot going on for him. He has two jobs waiting for him that were planned for January when he comes back from rehab. I’m broken.”



♬ A thousand years – Zeus


South Africans online were devastated by the news. Check out their sentiments.



“A part of me is worried about Bonga and his Mental health. Things will never fully go back to how they were for him in the streets if that’s where he ends up again because of his recent instant fame. Things might be much tougher.”



“I stayed with Bonga last year for six months at my place in Melville. He never left the streets. We wrote an autobiography book, and I still have the soft and hard copies of the book. The guy never leaves the streets. When he is angry, he goes back to the streets. #norules”


“He knows where to find help if he believes he needs a lifeline. Sometimes we impose our hopes & our solutions onto people who are not ready to receive them. Living on the streets for a decade changes you, takes more than a few weeks of rehab & soft life to undo 💔💔💔


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