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Watch: Hijackers shot trying to steal Toyota Fortuner

A group of hijackers about to flee with a Toyota Fortuner were caught off guard on Saturday afternoon when bikers opened fire, causing the vehicle to crash in Warner Beach, south of Durban.

The suspects are seen on video holding up the occupants of an SUV. The driver is dragged from the car and searched for valuables, while two passengers are forced out at gunpoint.

Shots are fired from a nearby property, which is thought to be a bar, as the hijackers attempt to drive the car out of the driveway. Although the gunmen are not shown in the video, it is assumed they were bikers.

Watch: Hijackers shot trying to steal Toyota Fortuner

The car collides with an embankment, and the hijacked victims flee for safety as the shooting continues.

One suspect leaps from the vehicle and runs to the getaway vehicle, while his accomplice, who was driving, crawls out.

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As he crawls towards the getaway car, he is shot at. One of the hijackers retaliates in order to protect his accomplice.

The getaway car then accelerates away.

Watch: Hijackers shot trying to steal Toyota Fortuner

The Community Crime Prevention Organisation in Amanzimtoti said the hijacking occurred at 4pm on Kingsway Road, near the intersection of Nelson Palmer Road.

“Armed suspects attempted to hijack a Toyota Fortuna. Shots were fired and one person was injured. The suspects crashed the Fortuna and fled.”

Police didn’t immediately respond to queries.

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