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“Ko iwe unodya panodyira vakuru sei?” Magistrate shoots love rival, escapes jail

A love triangle-related act of alleged jealousy has cost a 39-year-old former Masvingo magistrate Victor Muhamadi his freedom after he was convicted of attempted murder on Friday (December 2).

Muhamadi was sentenced to six years in prison by magistrate Lungile Ncube for shooting Thomas Chadyoka after he stole his girlfriend, but three years were suspended.

According to the state case presented by Liberty Hove, on March 26, 2022 in Gutu, Muhamadi shot Chadyoka once on the left arm near the armpit after accusing him of having a love affair with a lady identified as Lucia Makanga, who was thought to be his girlfriend.

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Muhamadi is reported to have asked Chadyoka why he was having an affair with Makanga.

“Ko iwe unodya panodyira vakuru sei (why would you compete for ladies with prominent people?),” is what Muhamadi is alleged to have said to Chadyoka.

Chadyoka, who had his phone stolen earlier, asked Muhamadi which elders he was referring to and if this had anything to do with the disappearance of his phone, according to the state case.

Muhamadi is said to have pulled out a pistol and shot Chadyoka near the armpit on the left side, causing the victim to collapse.

Surprisingly, Chadyoka informed the court that he did not wish to proceed with the case, claiming that he had forgiven the accused, whose family had helped him pay medical bills, while also accepting responsibility for inciting the situation that led to the shooting incident after accusing Muhamadi of stealing his phone.

The complainant also claimed to the court that he had not suffered any serious wounds, despite the fact that records from the case indicate he had four deep gunshot wounds to his left arm.

The three years were suspended as long as he didn’t commit any crimes involving the use of a firearm to cause death during that time.

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