Levels, Shashl Reignite Musical Romance

After grabbing headlines weeks earlier, singer Shashl released a new single titled Be Under yesterday, which was ironically produced by her ex-lover Levels.

The new offering has sent social media into craze as enthusiasts attempt to grasp the nature of their relationship.
Many people are wondering, because of the love song,  what happened after the two former lovebirds’ “public fallout,” which resulted in Shashl leaving the relationship.
Shashl also charged Levels with rape and physical violence, but later stated that she would drop the rape charge if he issued an apology.

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According to the song’s message, the couple is still in love.
Shashl responded to the responses to her new video with heart emoji, as if to confirm that the two are still together.
Also on Harare Live, a woman reportedly stumbled upon Chitungwiza-based popular prophet Madzimai Miriam’s intimate pictures in her husband’s phone thereby destroying a seven-year marriage.Lindiwe Muchekanyanga, popularly known as Madzimai Miriam, is accused of ruining Nomatter Chiridza’s marriage by snatching her husband, Kudakwashe Chitengu.

Nomatter discovered that affair after finding a nud_e pictures of Madzimai Miriam in her husband’s phone.

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What irked Nomatter is that Madzimai Miriam had been assisting her with prayers to save her marriage, only to snatch her husband, H Metro reports.

“We have two children and Madzimai knows me very well. She was helping me with prayers for my marriage, but now I realise that she took me as someone who doesn’t think. Vakundirwadzisa since they are not even remorseful,” Nomatter said.

Nomatter said when she confronted her husband, he stopped coming home and now neglects his children.

“He no longer comes home. He chose to leave his children and told me to make a plan.


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