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Fight Breaks Out In Anglican Church As Murungu Bishop Tries To “Hijack Service”

Anglican Church branch in the US that is under the control of Nigerians is making headlines around the world after its bishop and members got into a fight that was captured on video.

Congregants appear to have been upset by the introduction of a white bishop in the video, and the arguments quickly turned physical.

It is clear from the conversations that the Nigerians want to manage the church different from the American Bishop.

The Bishop is being told he is not welcome by a screaming black woman. She says:

“This is happening right now in the Anglican church…

“…This is the intruder Bishop that came all the way from Colorado to come and hijack our church.”

Watch the video below;


Menwhile,a Masvingo bishop is alleged to have duped close to 30 people in a bogus cannabis farming deal.

Bishop Trust Sangweni, of the Evangelical Apostolic Christian Mission Church, formed a cannabis farming group, which should have been operational by now.

One of the bishop’s victims, Peki Wushe said the bishop had disappeared to South Africa.

“I was recommended to join the group, called Archmedicinal Private Limited, by a friend who once attended his church in December 2021.

“Upon joining, we were required to pay US$250 to cater for paperwork and errands.

“He would often come to Harare claiming he wanted to fix the group’s paperwork, and we would pay logistics fees for all his trips,” she said.

Wushe said he would tell them the money required was to pay for environmental impact assessment, Environmental Management Agency, land and the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency.

“I paid close to US$1 600. He is a sweet talker, and no one thought we would be scammed until today.

“At one time, we sponsored his trip to Cape Town as he convinced us that he was looking for investors.

“In July this year, he said the investors were in Zimbabwe and he needed more money to finish paperwork so that we would not look confused,” she said.

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Wushe said she became suspicious when she returned to Zimbabwe from Dubai in August and the bishop failed to present evidence that there was some progress.


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