I helped Lionel Messi win the World Cup: Madungwe

Controversial Zimbabwean self-proclaimed Prophet Talent Madungwe has opened up on how he helped Lionel Messi win the World Cup.

Following Argentina’s victory at the recently held FIFA 2022 World Cup, Prophet Madungwe claimed that he is the one who assisted Lionel Messi in winning the much-coveted trophy.

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Speaking on Saint TV, following Argentina’s victory win at the recently held World Cup in Qatar, Prophet Madungwe said that on Sunday at 4:30, God told him that he had to intervene because things were not looking okay and that the will of God was jeopardy.

He said that he intervened just like God asked him to. The prophet likened the situation to how Michael helped Daniel in the Bible.

“So l intervened to assist Lionel Messi because soccer is a gift from God but he is the one who decides the win and everything. So l helped him just like how l assisted Boris Johnson to win the elections and when he was sick.”

He claims to have assisted Lionel Messi from when the game began till he won the match. The self-styled man of God said that it wasn’t an easy job assisting Messi as France proved to be a greater opponent.

Prophet Madungwe went on to explain why God made Messi win instead of Kylian Mbappe. He said God wanted to demonstrate and teach people about patience through Lionel Messi’s life as he won the World Cup trophy when he is now old, and his football career is about to come to an end.

The prophet also added that Lionel Messi was granted automatic advanced entry whilst Kylian Mbappe was denied because he lacked patience

“God wanted to teach people patience through Messi’s life. He only got the award when he was now old… He was awarded in heaven and on earth. He got automatic advanced entry and Kylian Mbappe was denied because he lacked patience”.

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