Andrew Tate Predicted His Arrest: “They Are Gonna Try To Kill Me” {Watch}

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has been making headlines ever since he was recently arrested along with his brother, on charges of human trafficking, r*pe, and organized crime.

Following the debacle, several clips featuring the influencer have now gone viral. One of them, in particular, gained more prominence, with Andrew Tate seemingly predicting his arrest and claiming that the authorities were “going to try to kill” him.

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The former professional kickboxer asserted that he would “never kill himself,” stating:

“They’re either gonna try to put me in jail, or they’re gonna kill me, and I would never kill myself in any circumstances, ever!”


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Why did Andrew Tate predict getting arrested in the viral clip?

The Twitter account @StokeyyG2 shared a 47-second podcast clip in which Andrew Tate predicted that he would get arrested. The video began with him believing that the authorities were “going to try to kill” him as he stated:

“Listen, I’m going to say this on the podcast now, as I say it in every other one. I would never ever kill myself. I truly believe that they’re either gonna try to kill me, in a long enough timeframe. Because they try to shut me up and I won’t shut up.”

Tate went on to say that “they” will either imprison him or try to murder him. He explained the strong statements by saying “they” decided whether you were guilty or not “long before”:

“The reason I say this, and I say this and people go, ‘But what can they put you in jail for?’ And I’m like, ‘How ignorant are you?! In your ignorance to believe they need a reason. You believe it’s fair? You believe I can get a lawyer and prove myself innocent?!’ That’s not how it works. They decide you’re guilty long before and they find a reason why.”

“And it doesn’t matter what you do about it, you will pay the f***ing price. It’s not fair! None of it is. Every single system is corrupt. It actually annoys me when people say it to you, ‘You should just get a lawyer. Why? They can’t put you in jail if you’re innocent.’ Yes, they f***ing can! And that’s what people don’t understand about the world.”

Social media reacts to the viral clip

More than 780 community members weighed in on Andrew Tate’s prediction that he would be arrested, with Twitter user @DQuinnyy claiming that he would be released the next day:

Following Andrew Tate’s arrest, DIICOT, the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism, released an official press release providing details about the matter.

The agency revealed that Andrew and Tristan Tate were members of a criminal organization that engaged in activities such as human trafficking and r*pe.

English translation of Andrew Tate's arrest by DIICOT (Image via www.diicot.ro/mass-media/3829-comunicat-de-presa-29-12-2022)
English translation of Andrew Tate’s arrest by DIICOT (Image via www.diicot.ro/mass-media/3829-comunicat-de-presa-29-12-2022)

Some of the most serious allegations included the Britons using “physical violence and mental coercion” and forcing s*xually exploited victims to perform p**nographic acts.-Sportskeeda



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