PICS:Meet Titi WaMai Titi’s Boyfriend

Popular comedienne Mai Titi’s daughter has found love in an agemate, Gidzaboy who is also a musician.

Mai Titi took to Facebook and told the boy to stay clear of her daughter.

Gidzaboy Music Official stay clearance from my daughter she s only 13 but since maivako vanemari togona kusunga hukamaHeard he been taking Tt out a lot kuZimbabwe uko

Responding to Mai Titi, Gidzaboy said;

Don’t worry Mom she is Safe with me 
Meet Titi’s boyfriend;
Titi WaMai Titi's Boyfriend 
Titi x Boyfriend (cred: Gidzaboy Music Official)


Titi WaMai Titi's Boyfriend 
Titi x Boyfriend (cred: Gidzaboy Music Official)
Titi's Boyfriend
Titi x Boyfriend (cred: Gidzaboy Music Official)
This is what some of Mai Titi’s followers had to say after the news.
Ollah Nyasha Munezi 

She actually happy enjoying the date vaya vanoyi her Tt wat wat look ,she is with a man,murume
Primrose Manyengavana 

You just proved a lot of people wrong Tt….always be happy gal..shake away all the bad energy
Grace Mushambadzi 

Better kna zviri kuitwa in the open so it shows naiye Tt has a very good daughter and mother relationship.ari umwe ana mai from hell anoita zvekuhwanda hwanda bcz she is afraid of her mother..nowadays your girl child is supposed to love and respect you izvo zveshamhu dzemuhabrose zvekupinza vana fear zvakapera nanaMbuya Rumbi(love my mum too much handidi navo
Trish Dlamini 

Mai Tt I love the way you make pple famous takutoziva Kuna Gidza family n mom ….hope havazokurasise after introduction to your large fan base
Thelma T Selemani 

Mai Ts Diaries there was a time u were also 13.. Getting a bf was some classic stuff.. Let her. Live her glory days.. C’mon don be that mom#😂😂i know u not tt mom…. #ama2K


The development comes after Titi denied that she is lesbian. Her dress sense, which has a keen masculine lean, had always had social media users suspecting that she is lesbian.


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