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Mapositori Relieved After Muvevi Arrest: “We were now sleeping in the bush”

Members of the Wedza community, notably Apostolic Sect members, breathed a sense of relief with the arrest of notorious ex-CID officer Jaison Muvevi, also known as Jaison Muvhevhi.

Muvevi was apprehended in Mozambique on Monday. He’d been on the run since Friday, after he killed three people, including Wedza’s chief cop.

Members of the Apostolic Sect from Wedza reported that they had abandoned their homes and were camping in the bush because they were afraid of the murdering ex-policeman.

The apostolic cult members were so terrified of the ex-CID officer that they ceased all movement, even during the day. Many people stopped coming out to work in their fields, and some even stopped their children from going to school.

People from Wedza narrated how they had abandoned any movement since the fateful Friday.

Madzibaba Edson Moyo told The Herald,

“We have been living in fear since this horrible incident occurred. People were even afraid of working in their fields or travelling to the business centre, fearing for their lives.

“We are happy that the suspect was arrested. We are relieved, and we now have peace. Everyone in this community is relieved. My wish is for this person not to be given bail. You never know what he will do next once he is given bail. That is the fear and concern of the people around here.”

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Madzibaba Silo narrated how community members had taken to sleeping in the bush out of fear.

“Some were even scared to the extent of abandoning their homes and sleeping in the bushes. It was a scary and unfriendly situation. We are glad that he has been arrested,” he said.

Baba Abby added,

“Even going to the shops to buy groceries was not possible; no one wanted to be the next victim. The sight of a stranger was treated with suspicion. We are happy that finally he is accounted for.”

Muvevi launched a reign of terror when he allegedly shot and killed Crispen Mubvana, a Johanne Masowe apostolic sect prophet, at his shrine on Friday.

Muvevi then allegedly shot and killed the Officer-in-Charge of Wedza Police Station and seriously injured another police officer.

Afterwards, he allegedly shot and killed another man at Mukamba Business Centre before driving off and trying to make for Mozambique.

He was finally apprehended in Mozambique on Monday morning after he managed to escape from the police yet again following another shootout on Saturday.

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