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Muvevi once killed a man last November ‘for nor reason’

Jaison Muvevi, the former police officer accused of killing three people in Hwedza last week and attempting to kill two more, is now facing a fourth murder charge after allegedly shooting and killing another man at a Harare car dealership last November.


Detectives investigating last week’s shootings determined that Muvevi (42) could have been responsible for the November 19, 2022 killing of Nyarai Round in Eastlea, Harare, as the perpetrator used the same weapon in both Hwedza offences.

According to The Herald, Muvevi appeared in court yesterday facing four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder after shooting and injuring a police officer in Hwedza and nearly missing another man in Mutare.

When he came before Harare magistrate Mrs Evelyn Mashavirakure, she did not ask him to plead to the accusations and remanded him in custody until February 6.

Muvevi was advised to file for bail at the High Court.

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According to the State, Muvevi murdered Round (33) of Domboshava, Chrispen Kanerusine (48) of Wedza, the officer-in-charge of Hwedza Police Camp Inspector Maxwell Hove (43) and Munashe Majani, 27, of Mukamba Business Centre, Wedza.

Muvevi allegedly tried to assassinate Tendai Mugova, a police officer at Wedza Camp, and Raphael Nyahwema at Mutare Boys High School, where he was looking for food in order to escape to Mozambique.

According to the State, Nyasha Eusen was with Round at Clan Court in Eastlea, Harare, on November 19, last year, about 9:30 p.m.

Muvevi is said to have approached the pair, drawn his pistol, and shot Round once in the head for no apparent reason.

Nyasha Eusen tried to run away, but was caught before being forced into a Toyota Allion sedan.

Muvevi then drove to Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, with two other men.

The court heard that Eusen managed to escape.

On January 13 this year, at around midday, Kanerusine, who was the leader of Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church, was at the church shrine with other congregants.

Muvevi arrived in the company of Shupikai Muvevi and was ushered into the shrine by senior church members, who gave him a white wrapping cloth to cover himself since his dress code was deemed inappropriate for the shrine.

Muvevi joined other congregates while Kanerusine was preaching.

After two minutes, Muvevi stood up and proceeded to his car and fetched a gun.

He allegedly hid it under the garment before he shot Kanerusine in the head, forcing other congregants to flee.

Muvevi then sped off from the scene.

The matter was reported to ZRP Wedza where the late Insp Hove was the officer-in-charge.

Hove mobilised a team of police officers and left ZRP Wedza for Negombwe Village to attend the scene.

As the police officers were driving along Wedza-Murambinda Road, they spotted Muvevi parked at the 25km peg talking to an unidentified man.

Police officers blocked his vehicle and as they were disembarking from the car, Muvevi opened fire and shot Hove thrice in the head while he was seated in the passenger seat.

He also allegedly shot Detective Constable Tendal Mugova three times on the pelvis and abdomen, leaving him seriously injured, according to the charge sheet.

Other police officers ran away for their dear lives, leaving the two lying on the ground.

The fleeing police officers are said to have dropped an FN rifle with a magazine and 10 rounds and a CZ pistol.

Muvevi then drove to Mukamba Business Centre where he went to Ruzema Bottle Store.

He then saw Majani seated outside the bar in the company of Given Pambeni and Tinashe Musangano.

Muvevi is said to have called Majani and had a brief chat with him before shooting him.

Muvevi is said to have sped off heading towards Mutare.

On January 14, he went to Mutare Boys High School where he confronted Nyahwema and fired three shots towards him after he refused to give him food. He missed him.

Muvevi then skipped the border into Mozambique where he was arrested on January 15 before being sent back to the country. Herald

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