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Married Man, Girlfriend Drown Inside Car During Tlof Tlof

A married man from Kenya reportedly died with his girlfriend when their car plunged into a dam in Juja on Tuesday night.

Tirus Maina, 39, and an unidentified woman had gone to the dam for a secret rendezvous.

According to sources, the victims are a married man and his side chick.

They were reportedly making out in the car when the tragic incident occurred.

According to Kenyan Post, the lady accidentally disengaged the handbrake, leading to the fatal accident since the ill-fated car was parked near the edge of the Dam.

A diver involved in the rescue mission said the lady had tried to swim out of the vehicle but did not manage out of the waters.


“The woman had clearly tried to swim out of the vehicle but did not manage out of the waters,” the diver told the press.

One of the locals said the dam had been transformed into a recreational area where Kenyans from all walks of lives gather to unwind.

Some of those who visit the dam engage in randy behaviours inside the cars.

The area residents now want the county government to put some measures to avoid similar incidences.

“It is time that the area surrounding the dam is fenced off, anyone who will be found here should be fined or even taken to jail,” said a local.

Two theories

Mr Maina had parked his Nissan X-trail at the edge of the dam. Sources from the police and Kiambu’s emergency department told the Nation that they currently have two theories about what may have transpired.

The first is that Mr Maina might have been drunk and that instead of reversing the vehicle, he may have mistakenly driven into the dam and sank.

The second theory police are pursuing is that he may have driven into the water intentionally, thus pointing to suicide.

Yesterday, Juja OCPD Phylis Muthoni, in whose jurisdiction the incident happened, told the Nation that the only thing they’re certain of is that Mr Maina drove the car into the dam. Being so early in the investigation, sleuths on the case are yet to understand what really happened.

”We managed to retrieve the vehicle yesterday from the dam and we found it on drive mode, meaning Mr Maina may have driven into the dam by mistake. We are not ruling out any other factors… which is why we are investigating. I do not want to discuss it further until full investigations are complete,’’ Ms Muthoni told the Nation.

Maina’s wife speaks

Ms Margaret Kiiru, the man’s wife, said on Thursday that she never suspected her husband was engaging in an extra-marital affair, adding that she was really saddened and shocked by his death.

She added that her husband, a contractor, left their Thika home on Tuesday morning. He told her he was going to Kathiani in Machakos County to inspect a project.

”My husband left home on Tuesday morning as usual. A friend who knows the registration plate of my husband’s car later informed me that his vehicle had plunged into a dam and it was all over social media that he was with another woman in a compromising situation,’’ Ms Kiiru said.

She said there was no trouble in their marriage, adding that she regrets that he died in such a manner.

”We have one child. It’s unfortunate how he met his death. He could have avoided it,’’ she said.

On Thursday, Ms Kiiru and her in-laws camped at City Mortuary, Nairobi, where the post-mortem will be done.

Also at the morgue is the body of the woman he was with. It is still lying unclaimed with sources there saying no one has come forward to identify her.

”The family of Mr Maina is here for the post-mortem but the lady he was with has not been claimed by anyone…it is a bit difficult to establish her real identity,’’ a morgue attendant who did not want to be named said.

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