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Baba Denzel Begs Mai Denzel To Return Home: Leaked Audio

In an unexpected change of circumstances, Baba Denzel begs Mai Denzel, his estranged wife, for a reunion.

Following the internet ubiquity of leaked audio files and photographs, the pair lately dominated national headlines.


In the released audio tapes, Mai Denzel admits to having had extramarital encounters with two men. The affairs were discovered when Mai Denzel’s enraged ex-boyfriend decided to inform her husband of her antics.

It was clear to Baba Denzel after receiving enough proof from the dumped ex-lover that his wife was getting chowed on the side. Baba Denzel confronted his wife calmly after learning the damaging information, which is not how men typically behave in these circumstances.

He told Mai Denzel’s family members over the phone that he had decided to divorce her. Baba Denzel received praise for handling the bad news with composure.

The marriage of Baba and Mai Denzel was widely expected to end as a result, but in an unexpected twist of events, the former is asking for a reconciliation with his wife.

In a recording that was released, Baba Denzel is heard telling his wife that they can put the past behind them and that he is ready to take her back. From the recording that was leaked, which is a call between him and his wife, it appears that Baba Denzel started the process of reconciliation.

In the conversation, Baba Denzel informs his wife that he is making arrangements for her to come back to their matrimonial home. He orders her to go and get money from a relative so that she can return home.

You can listen to the conversation below:

Facebook users who certainly did not see this coming took to the comments section and aired their opinions. Below are some of the comments:

WellAce TheBlessed:

LOL 😂 I just wonder amongst the two of them who is leaking a private conversation 😂😂😂it’s becoming a circus

Pauline Kadewere:

From today onwards I’ll learn to mind my own business

Wonder Nash Chekamba:

very cool zvavo mai Denzel ,, vanotoziva kuti ndakabata munhu wangu 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Talent Makuwaro:

Hapachina rudo apa baba denzel wada mukadzi adzoke amyatso kumuabuser ende mai denzel chero wakarohwa hawachina kwekupotera coz wakambohura

Pyda Mwenewazvo:

Mai Denzel can we please meet as ladies we want tips😂😂


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