A TOP Zanu PF official has claimed that the ruling party has already won this year’s general elections and will never relinquish power even if the opposition is declared winner.
Zanu PF secretary for security, Lovemore Matuke said this over the weekend in Masvingo where the party held its provincial co-ordinating committee meeting.

Matuke bragged that Zanu PF had already won the elections.

“We have an absolute win this year, we have already set our ball rolling and we are winning the elections without fail,” he bragged.

“We want to win it in a peaceful way. We will never dream of losing elections that we already won. There is nothing called losing an election in Zanu PF. We are focusing on how we will lead Zimbabwe after elections, and we cannot lose an election. I will not comment about power transfer. Zanu PF will be giving it to whom? We have to consolidate our power. People died and some disappeared for the country’s liberation.”

The country is set to hold harmonised elections in July or August this year.

Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson Robson Mavengengwa said the ruling party was confident that it would get over 600 000 votes in Masvingo province alone.

In response, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the opposition party would challenge any breaches of the Constitution pertaining to smooth transfer of power in the event of an opposition victory in this year’s elections.

“We are going to leave no constitutional stone unturned in the fight to win Zimbabwe for change and install ethical leaders and a competent government led by Nelson Chamisa,” Mahere said.

Political analyst Rashweat Mukundu said: “The Constitution of Zimbabwe must be respected and Zanu PF must hand over power to any newly-elected government. Any resistance will be dealt with using the law. Involvement of the international community is another strategy by the opposition for peaceful transition.” Newsday


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