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Tobva Tadii Paya Gang Back From Prison: Zim Netizens Surprised How They Look “Glowing”

“Tobva Tadii Paya” gang, famously known in a 2017 viral video showing them narrating how they gangraped thigh vendors in Chinhoyi and were later sentenced to seven years in prison have been released. Zimbabweans have expressed shock at how the two are glowing despite serving years in prison.

Two of the gang members, who were artisanal miners were recently spotted walking scot-free in the CBD and a group of people scrambled to capture them in a video.

A trending video below is of the now freed crew including the ‘famous’ Romeo Chirara(in yellow) who acted as the main spokesperson in the infamous Tobva Tadii Paya video.

The other crew members are Thabani Gazi (24) who was said to be the ring leader on the night of the rape, the video narrator Romeo Chirara (23) and Admire Chirongoma (23).

At the time of the incident in 2018, they were 19 and 18 respectively. The other boy was under age. He did his time at Kadoma Reformatory.

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Zimbabweans on social media could not help but notice how the “Tobva Tadii Paya” gang are apparently looking healthy and “glowing” despite spending years in prison.

This has led some to believe that Zimbabwean prisons are not bad after all.


Below are some responses from social media users;

DrRussel W Ruvinga

“Saka chikurubi yakutochengeta vanhu kunge diaspora vakuglower vakomana”

Kuda Gerald Jnr Ntsingano

I am sorry to all those whom were victimized by these guys, been following this guy even when he was narrating what happened i jst hope he has changed for the better… I would like us as a nation to give him a second chance as well as accept him back into the society without judging him… He is a citizen too lets help him get over to the right side he needs support more than judgment…. He is looking good & his spirit seems high…
Tawanda Brian Amin Chikafu

He was at Chinhoyi Prison n I once talked naye n he said prison changed him…he was a good guy though…we will miss you Romeo
Ma Mthembo

Inga kuchikurubhi vanochengeta kudarika mamwe maMarriages! Zvirinani kunopika urimomo hako unobuda waanetuflesh
Shelley Marira

Haaaaa vari kuglower vakomana🤣
Lee Dando

Vari kuGlower vakomana 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jeri rakanaka xua
In a report by The Herald, Romeo Chirara, Admire Chirongoma and Thabani Gaza were initially sentenced to 10 years in prison but  Regional magistrate Mr Amos Mbobo suspended three years.

Charges against the quartet arose on July 4, 2017, when they entered rooms housing pro_stitutes at Mugwanya Compound in Battlefields armed with machetes, knives and empty beer bottles.

The four ordered one of the complainants’ client to hide behind a curtain before they gangraped the women while using protection. The court further heard that although the women called out for help they were threatened and subdued by the three men and teenager.

The gang also stole four cell phones before disappearing into the night.
The women reported the matter to the police the next morning leading to the arrest of the four.


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