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“You Should Have Left Him To Die”: Zimbabweans Comment On Man Who Jumped Off Building

A number of Zimbabweans have weighed in on a trending topic of a Harare man who attempted to take his life by jumping off the roof of a multi-storey building but survived.

Mugove Chizutu was lucky to survive the jump from the 8th floor.

The impact was absorbed by the roofing of a small building structure below, which broke the man’s fall. Firefighters rescued the man, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition but alive.

Below are some of the reactions  by social media users on Instagram.


user, wadza__level_up_collection, arguably had the vilest comment as she criticised people who helped the man after his fall, saying they should have let him die.

Koo seyi Asina kufa I guess kana panevabatsira vamuitira hutsinye because imagine the pain after an attempted suicidal the problem he wanted to solve by ending his life is now double because haachakwanisa to avoid it ichangomumirira apore and secondly maronda zvavo and body pains then lastly a condition that can make him disabled for life saka wotoona kuti dai afa it was better for him but usatambe nekupukunyuka suicidal decision ma horror wat you face after zvaramba
He Should Have Died, Now His Problems Have Doubled | Zimbabweans Speak On Harare Man Who Survived A Fall From Multi-Storey CBD Building [image; screengrab from Zimcelebs Instagram]

However, a majority of social media users empathised with the suicide attempt victim, saying;

People be moving with heavy hearts out there through those smiles and happy faces 😢 . If you know someone with depression, providing them encouragement, motivation, and support can go a long way to giving them hope 😢im not sure if telling someone who suffers from depression thats it’s OK. It’s OK to feel what you’re feeling. It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to want to be alone. It’s OK to scream and cry and it’s OK to laugh is the right thing, I mean true friends will be there to talk, to help and sometimes just to sit with you and not say anything.
Please people pray or just talk to someone as for me i prefer strangers, for they’re less likely to judge you unlike most friends and relatives. Please let’s value life for there’s nothing in this world worthy more than it.
The biggest problem in Zimbabwe Is that most of us do not realize the importance of mental health and emotional stability. When facing challenges such as depression or emotional abuse etc you literally have no one to vent to because you might be judged or people might say ukuzviitisa. They expect everyone to be strong but sometimes you just can’t be strong on your own you need someone whom you trust to lean on. Therefore munhu anozongopedzisira ati endgame is suicide because pain yacho inenge yanyanya.

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