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Expect Heavy Rain, Flooding

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has issued a warning for heavy rain and flash flooding in the country’s southern and eastern regions from today until February 15.

The MSD said in a statement yesterday that there will be localised heavy rains in excess of 50mm, with lightning and hailstorms in some areas, and that people should be on the lookout for blown-off rooftops, loose debris, and fallen trees as a result of strong winds.

“Watch out for open drains and potholes that may be covered in water. Stay indoors during thunderstorms unless if it is an emergency,” said the MSD.

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It added that the rain may affect outdoor activities and people should plan with that in mind.

Travel should be minimised, but if it is too necessary, people should exercise caution on the roads as visibility may be reduced and there may be hidden flood dangers, said the MSD.

People have also been discouraged from crossing flooded rivers on foot or in vehicles.

Further updates will be availed by the MSD.

Early last month, a trail of destruction was experienced in some provinces as heavy rain and strong winds left people dead and damaged properties.

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