Holy Ten Loses Thousands Of Followers After Dissing Winky D

Following his scathing attack on highly regarded Zimdancehall chanter Winky D, musician Holy Ten’s social media handles have seen a mass exodus of followers.

An evidently dismayed Holy Ten was recorded vilifying Winky D and categorising him a snake – that is longer than his dreadlocks – on The Episode podcast. Winky D, according to the singer, duped him into releasing a “political song” when they recorded Ibotso.

It can’t have been a setup. Because at the end of the day, even a snake… The man you are talking about is a snake longer than his dreadlocks. But even the snake did not force that apple on Eve. She was partly involved.

“He spoke, and she made a decision. I am Eve. Maybe that’s why I didn’t graduate. I would have never done a song with Winky G. That’s me avoiding being sued. I’ve done Law. We’ve signed contracts.”

Winky D’s supporters, who were also following the Hip Hop prodigy on social media, are unfollowing him as a form of punishment. Holy Ten began the week with 290 000 Instagram followers, but he has since lost thousands of those and now has 284 000.

Below are some reactions to the unveiling drama. Maggie Niaxah Tigere

Let mw confess um One of them and I went on and liked JT’s page ….too much pride 😤 and kusafunga hudofo hwacho hwakanyanya nxaa …usazvichekere tisu tikuitq usimuke zvino uktiona sembwa dzako and don’t humble yourself haaa warqsika tinokudzosa kujecha kwawakabva faster faster 😉 teach others mujaya …taitokuda zvekudaro but pride baba umm 
Kudzanai Katonha

Ukapinda zvakapfava unosaizer ini hangu personally handiende kwaanoimba mudoko uyo but from now ndichaenda kunomumamisa chero nechandabata ndiwowo mukana ndati pasi nemhandu neside chairo chairo

Denford Madura

Music is not like politics or football whereby you are CCC chete or Arsenal chete. One can enjoy Macheso and Tongai Moyo zvakawanana. It’s not about ma fans a winky but music fans deserting nonsense. Haasati atanga hake kutanda botso.

Curtis Glaucata

Ngaabvunze Jah Prayzah paakarega kuita Zimlives matter akaShaker Award yaendeswa kunaBurnaBoy. Zimbabweans will impeach you. Kutonhodzwa kwaChauruka. Ungati Winky G kuchiExtraTerrestrial shuwa. Curtis Glaucata.

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