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AKA Dies In City His Late Girlfriend Nelli Tembe Was Born

South African rapper Kienan “AKA” Forbes was shot dead in Durban on Friday, coincidentally in the city his late girlfriend Nelli Tembe was born in.

AKA was killed in a shooting at a popular night spot on Durban’s Florida Road.

This has sparked speculation amongst some social media users who believe that his death is nothing but some sort of revenge for the death of Nellie whose death remained a mystery.

“Nelli Tembe was from Durban & AKA got Gunned Down In Durban so Let me give you guys space to put 1 & 1 together,” one user posted on Twitter.

Just about a week ago, controversial social media personality Ntsiki Mazwai ignited memories about the incident which saw Nelli Tembe throwing herself from the balcony of a Cape Town hotel in April 2021.

Without mentioning AKA’s name, Ntsiki Mazwai revisited Nelli Tembe’s death and the sequence of events that led up to it.

She tweeted an image from a viral video of AKA breaking down a hotel room door:

“It’s so deep how we moved on from these gruesome pics of the video that was deleted while with the police….like a missing docket”

Ntsiki Mazwai previously voiced her thoughts on how she felt about the rapper moving on mere months after his fiance’s death.

She tweeted: “At the funeral, Neli’s siblings had to walk BEHIND the Forbes family. Barely six months had passed, and how quickly their little sister was replaced…After they couldn’t walk beside her coffin. This is so deeply disturbing for me”.

She continued: “I have siblings. I remember how I found that moment INCREDIBLY WRONG. Ego was placed over genuine love.”

Ntsiki then vowed to keep Nelli’s memory alive. She continued: “I remember Neli Tembe. I will not erase her.

And then the star ended her thoughts with a thought-provoking statement. She posted: “One day someone needs to explain why the family said Nelli didn’t commit suicide….”

AKA was tragically shot dead during a drive-by shooting in Florida Road, Durban on Friday 10 February. Durban police confirmed the death of the rapper on the scene.

According to various reports, the Fela in Versace hitmaker was standing outside Wish Restaurant at around 22:00 when two unknown vehicles opened fire on him. AKA was reportedly hit six times.

Forbes was not alone when he was killed, he was with his friend Tebello Tibz Motsoane – who was also shot and killed. The rapper’s bodyguard had been wounded.

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On Saturday morning, AKA’s parents, Lynn and Tony Forbes expressed their sadness at the loss of their 35-year-old son.

“It is with extreme sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our beloved son, and confirm his untimely and tragic passing on the evening of 10 February 2023. We are awaiting further details from the Durban police.”

“To us, Kieran Jarryd Forbes was a son, brother , grandson, nephew, cousin and friend and most importantly father to his beloved daughter Kaito. To many he was AKA, SUPERMEGA, BHOVA and the many other names of affection his legion of fans called him by.”

“Our son was loved and he gave love in return. In this time of grief, we appeal for your compassion, space and time to congregate as a family to decide on the upcoming days.”

“We thank you for the love and support we have received thus far and ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers and uplifted in the Lord.”



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