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Mubobobo Man Confesses To Having Organ As Big As A Donkey’s

A Binga man only identified as Mankiwani last Wednesday confessed to having ‘mubobobo’ during a cleansing ceremony conducted by popular Bulawayo prophet Bishop Emmanuel Mutumwa at Makungu village in the district.

‘Mubobobo’ is described as a witchcraft practice which enables men to rape women without any physical contact. Bishop Mutumwa said he was invited by Chief Saba and other traditional leaders following rampant cases of witchcraft in the area.

“In Makungu area, I came across an elderly man who has been using mubobobo to have səx with his children and other women in the area.

“The man was brought to me for healing by his family following several complaints of unexplained remote səxual abuses in the family,” said Mutumwa in an interview with Newzimbabwe.com.

The prophet said some of the victims sustained səxual lacerations on their privates as a result of the man’s big səxual organ. “The man confessed that he has genitals as large as a donkey’s and emits like the animal,” added Mutumwa.

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During the healing session, the elderly man admitted to having the magical powers to remotely have nonconsensual səx with women. “When I am sleeping, I səxually enjoy as if I am having sex with a woman,” confessed Mankiwani during the ceremony.

Bishop Mutumwa also claimed that during the session, he managed to heal one Tedius Mpande who has not been able to walk for the past six months. “There were a lot of witchcraft and mysterious things happening in Binga which led to the traditional leaders inviting me.

For now, I will be camped here until I have covered all the areas,” added Bishop Mutumwa. When reached for comment, Chief Saba confirmed the ongoing cleansing ceremonies in the area.

“Bishop Mutumwa is really doing wonders here by sniffing out and healing undesirable elements in our society,” said Chief Saba.

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