Eriza Discloses Deal With Jah Prayzah, How She Cheated On Hubby

Lyn Magogo aka Eriza-Lady Storm says the song Eriza by Jah Prayzah catapulted her into fame but Jah Parayzah did not pay her in money.

She told DJ Ollah in an interview : “Akandideedza akati, so how do you want to be paid and, ini nekuziva nhamo yangu kuti handisati ndasimuka I could not opt for money because ndaiita mashows angu aindipa twumari twangu, I was actually driving by then, ndikati mukoma ini chandinoda ndechekuti pamunoita mashows ndodawo kunge ndiri part and parcel of that thing, vanhu vandizive, that was the agreement, though he gave me something, yethanks. I think my decision there yanga itori the best decision, because mari yandaipihwa naJah Prayzah yaisa kwanisa kuti nditenge mota. But after that I could buy cars. Whenever JP held shows the promoter would book me separately, mari yacho yaitouya yakawanda handidi kukunyepera.”

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She also said Jah Prayzah had invited her to join his band when Gonyeti left. But she could not join because she said she danced mainly to rhumba music.

Eriza confirmed that she cheated on her then husband with a car dealer based in South Africa, prompting him to question the paternity of their daughter. DNA tests were done but she refused to disclose who the daddy was, saying she will only reveal these to her daughter when she is ready. She said her cheating was not the reason her marriage fell apart but it was a combination of issues.

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