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“Top Lawyer Forced to Plead for Court Protection Against Controversial Businessman’s Aide in Ongoing Case”

“Top Lawyer Forced to Plead for Court Protection Against Controversial Businessman’s Aide in Ongoing Case

In an ongoing case where politician Tendai Biti is accused of verbally assaulting Tatiana Aleshina, a close aide of controversial businessman Ken Sharpe, top lawyer Alec Muchadehama was forced to plead for court protection against Aleshina’s abusive behavior during cross-examination.

During the cross-examination, Aleshina refused to answer questions from the lawyer and declined to answer questions relating to Sharpe’s company, Augur Investments, before bursting in court and calling the prosecuting process “nonsense.”

Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti-Guwuriro told the Russian investor to retract her statement following Muchadehama’s protest to Aleshina’s conduct. The verbal assault charges against Biti are intricately linked to a number of cases where Biti is representing companies that were allegedly defrauded by Augur Investments OU and its associated subsidiaries.

Aleshina’s temperament rose from the questions posed by Muchadehama, which pertained to her businesses, and she declined to answer the lawyer’s questions. According to Muchadehama, the questions he was asking about Augur Investments were relevant to the case, and he wanted to prove that the complainant was capitalizing on the accused to get back to him for his role in representing companies that are suing the complainant.

Aleshina, who is a close aide of Sharpe, is currently engulfed in a number of cases before courts where Biti is representing companies that are suing Augur Investments for fraud. One of the companies being represented by Biti, Fairclot Investments, is suing Augur Investments for duping them millions of dollars.

Despite failing to meet the agreed terms in the airport road construction deal, Augur Investments went ahead and claimed over 700 hectares of land valued at US$52 million that was agreed on as part of payment by the Harare City Council (HCC).

In conclusion, the ongoing case between Biti and Aleshina has highlighted the shady deals that Augur Investments is involved in. The case also shows the importance of having a competent lawyer who can cross-examine witnesses and bring out crucial evidence that may have been hidden. The case also highlights the importance of holding companies accountable for their fraudulent activities and taking appropriate measures to ensure justice is served.

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