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Horror death as man kills ex-wife’s lover having tlof tlof in bed

A MUTASA man (40) was slapped with a 10-year jail term for murdering his ex-wife’s b0yfriǝnd in cold blood.

Daniel Gumbu was recently convicted of murder by Mutare High Court Judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda, as defined in Section 47(1)(a) or (b) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

Mr Malvin Musarurwa prosecuted.

Mr Musarurwa said on January 21, 2022 and at Plot 40, Magarasadza, Gumbu fatally assaulted Mr Goodwell Mhlanga.

“Gumbu assaulted Mr Mhlanga with fists, bricks and pots several times all over his body. Realising that there was a real risk that his conduct would cause death, he continued to engage in that conduct,” said Mr Musarurwa.

Mr Musarurwa said on August 9, 2019, Gumbu went home drunk and assaulted Ms Semende, who was still his wife.

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She then left her matrimonial home to stay with her brother in Penhalonga.

“On December 21, 2021, Ms Samende went to stay at Plot 40, Magarasadza, where Mr Mhlanga was also staying. Mr Mhlanga then proposed love to Ms Samende and she accepted,” said Mr Musarurwa.

He said Ms Samende and Mr Mhlanga were in the same room when Gumbu visited the plot on the fateful day.

“On January 21, 2022, Mr Mhlanga was in Ms Samende’s room when she went to relieve herself outside. Ms Samende then heard Mr Mhlanga screaming for help as he was being assaulted by Gumbu. Ms Samende went to seek help from a neighbour, Ms Irene Gundavakuru.

“Upon her return, she saw Gumbu holding a brick in his right hand as he assaulted Mr Mhlanga. They failed to rescue Mr Mhlanga.

“Ms Samende called Mr Nhamo Sadondo and as he came, he saw Mr Mhlanga lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Mr Sadondo tried to restrain Gumbu, but failed,” said Mr Musarurwa.

However, Gumbu denied the allegations and said he only went to his ex-wife’s house with groceries for their children.

“On the day in question, I went to look for my wife (Ms Semende) at her place of residence in order to give her some groceries. We had separated and she was staying on her own.

“Upon arrival at Plot Number 40, my ex-wife responded to the knock on the door and upon seeing me, she fled. I saw the now deceased inside the room and he armed himself with a brick from the fireplace. He struck me on the forehead and I fell down. I got up and confronted him. A fight broke out between the two of us.

“We fought inside the house and used various kitchen utensils as weapons. We pushed and shoved each other, resulting in the breaking of the door. We fell outside, where there were rocks,” said Gumbu.

He said they stopped fighting after being restrained by other people.

Dr Chibhowa who conducted a post-mortem on the late Mr Mhlanga concluded that the cause of death was due to severe head injuries.

— Manica Post

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