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From garden boy to millionaire: Here is the white man behind Scott Sakupwanya’s millions in gold money

The mystery white man who turned Scott Sakupwanya into a gold dealer kingpin has finally been identified.

Scott Sakupwanya reportedly began his career as a garden boy before becoming a famous gold dealer and millionaire, according to Zanu-PF secretary for information and publicity Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa.

Sakupwanya was the garden boy for none other than the notorious gold smuggler and dealer Ewan MacMillan, according to Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

In a recent explosive documentary on Zimbabwe’s illicit gold trade, the Al Jazeera Investigative Unit revealed MacMillan as one of the key players in the Gold Mafia.

The information was revealed by Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa in a piece in which he disputed the claims made in the Al Jazeera documentary.


The Mystery White Man Behind Scott Sakupwanya’s Gold Dealer Success Unearthed
[Image Credit: Al Jazeera Investigations Unit]

Criticism of the Al Jazeera Documentary

Said Ambassador Mutsvangwa,

“There is the coterie of lost national soul Hopewell, Chingono, the incorrigible settler racist David Coltart, the jilted Ewan Macmillan who cannot countenance the new gold trade exploits of Scott Sakupwanya, his erstwhile garden boy.

“Finally, there is the dimwit financial illiteracy of dimwit Tendai Biti. They can huff and puff in the cacophony of fellow detractors. One thing is sure. Gold is now the anchor stone of our national currency to the delight of the rescued citizenry.”


Scott Sakupwanya Drop Out
Scott Sakupwanya (Image: Zimbolive)

Scott Sakupwanya’s Background and Success

Sakupwanya has previously said that he did not do well in school and dropped out in Form Two. After dropping out of school, the now flamboyant gold dealer was forced to do odd jobs to make a living.

Speaking at his 44th birthday celebrations earlier this year, Sakupwanya said,

“I wasn’t good at school. I’m not saying I didn’t try, I always put in a lot of effort to get better grades, but it just didn’t work out for me. There were two guys in my class during my primary school years whom I would check which number they had finished at during the examinations. Those were the two guys that I knew would never be better than me, so if they were number 39 and 40, I knew I was number 38.”

Scott said his greatest gift is the ability to learn from others and then use his skills to come up with something better.

“If there is a gift I was given by God then it’s about the ability to learn from others and then use my skills to try and come up with something better. I started Better Brands and we became the largest gold buyers in the country. I then copied my friend Bucks (Brighton Bako) and started a borehole drilling company and we won a tender to drill boreholes worth millions of dollars. We have bought trucks for Better Brands Petroleum for the borehole company and they are coming,” he said.

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