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Finally! Whatsapp inroduces new feature that lets you customize your chats

Every day, your preferred instant messaging service gets better. With news of a new upcoming feature that will let you edit texts, WhatsApp is about to get even better. Users can now personalise texts to their tastes thanks to this feature.

According to a report from, the new update will give users a new text editing experience. Beta testers currently have the opportunity to test the text editing feature since WhatsApp has already rolled it out to them. This means the new feature will soon roll out in future updates.

Although reports claim that this feature goes beyond just text editing, the focus of this feature may be on text editing. Users will be able to edit more files using WhatsApp thanks to this brand-new editing tool. Users will be able to edit documents like text, images, GIFs, and video files.

The beta version is currently for the Android platform, as the screenshot demonstrates. On the other hand, an iOS version is currently being created. The list of fonts offers users the chance to select from a variety of font styles. If they prefer not to use predefined fonts, they can edit the fonts to match their styles.

The customization options also give users the chance to add text to videos, images and GIFs. This means you can soon be able to customize your texts and add them to your media files before sharing.


Apart from editing texts and attaching them to your videos and images, you also have the flexibility of playing around a little more. You can align the texts to the left, right or center.

You can also be able to change the background colors of texts. This may come in handy if a user wants to highlight a particular text or differentiate one text from the other.

The feature already comes with some predefined text for beta texting. More will follow up later in future updates. For now, it comes with fonts such as Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze.

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