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How Thabo Bester fled to Zimbabwe after escape from SA prison

Famous felon Thabo Bester’s tale of his prison escape is one for the books and merits a Netflix special as new information reveal how he fled to Zimbabwe then.

Many people are in awe of the new information regarding Thabo Bester’s escape from the Bloemfontein maximum security prison Mangaung.

According to reports, Thabo Bester, also known as the Facebook Rapist, faked his death and escaped from Mangaung Maximum Security Prison before relocating to Zimbabwe.

According to IOL, Bester, and his Zimbabwean smugglers resurfaced at the Beitbridge border post while attempting to cross into Zimbabwe illegally after escaping from prison.


To evade arrest, Bester and his smugglers were allegedly involved in a gunfight with soldiers guarding the Beitbridge border, forcing them to abandon their car.

Bester and his smugglers managed to escape on foot and reached Zimbabwe, where they began working on a plan to return to South Africa once the situation had calmed down

“Bester escaped to Zimbabwe to lay low until the coast was cleared,” one of the people with intimate knowledge of his escape said revealed.

How Thabo Bester Allegedly Paid R5 Million To Escape From Prison

Thabo Bester is alleged to have paid R5 million to nine of his colleagues who helped him to escape from prison.

As investigations into Thabo Bester continue to gain momentum, it has emerged that many officials played a role in Thabo Bester’s elaborate escape. Thabo Bester is alleged to have paid about R500k cash over a period of time to people who helped facilitate his grand escape from prison.

“The money was paid in cash over a period of time, about R500 000 each, and the mastermind pocketed R1m,” said one of the Mangaung prison officials.

Some of the officials who have been implicated have since been suspended and fired.

How Thabo Bester fled to Zimbabwe after escape from SA prison

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