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South Africans wage war against Zimbabwean over Thabo Bester, Dr Nandipha joke

South Africa’s most notorious couple Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha Magudumana have been trending recently following their arrest in their Tanzanian hideout.

Despite the gravity of the criminal charges they are facing, a lot has been said about how their love for each other contributed to Thabo Bester’s escape from prison as well as his demise.

Last week, South African Crime Intelligence officers allegedly tracked Bester to Tanzania where they monitored him for a period before the arrest.

Bester, Magudumana and a Mozambican national allegedly assisting them, were arrested in the Tanzanian city of Arusha. It is believed that they were on their way to Kenya at the time of their arrest.

Popular South African Twitter influencer commented that Thabo Bester should have left the country after his escape but he stayed on because of Mjolo.

Al-Thab Bin Bestirah aka Thabo Bester is really a slow thinker. Imagine executing such a beautiful escape then he stayed in South Africa only to be recognised. He should have left the moment he escaped jail. Mjolo is always the downfall of men. Nkabe a ile go batla mosadi kopele!

The war between Zimbabweans and South Africans

Not to be outshined, a Zimbabwean social media influencer, Rutendo Matinyarare, also decided to make a joke out of the couple’s united front and rather created a war front between citizens of the two countries.

He wrote:

“If South Africans were as organized and united as Thabo and Nandi, they would get their land and mines tomorrow. United people can achieve anything.”

This did not go well with South Africans who began a fully-fledged assault on the Zimbabwean who, ironically, stays in South Africa.

Khanyi 🌸@khanyizama

You and your brothers ran away from your own country because you are cowards yet you are here having so much to say about South Africans.

Seek yourself.

Dr Martin@Bryanmartin2020

In Zimbabwe mines are owned by the Belarusians and foreigners , Land is also owned by the chinese a, Russians and Belarusians. South Africa is better than Zimbabwe bcoz Land is owned by ppl who live in SA. Who develop roads hospital’s etc.


You got the land back in Zimbabwe but WHY ARE YOU TWEETING FROM MY COUNTRY?

Mbuso P Siera@mbuso_siera

If Zimbabweans were as organized and united as Thabo and Nandi, they would go back to Zimbabwe tomorrow to fix their country. United people can achieve anything.

Lwanda #Stone@ochiengpin

Give us the stats. How much land in Zimbabwe is under the hands of black Zimbabwean farmers vs white Zimbabwean farmers? How much of the Zimbabwean economy is in the hands of black people? Let’s start with Banks, Insurance, manufacturing., Zim is as colonised as any other country

South Africans had no kind words for Rutendo and so far he has been defeated.

Just to wrap it all up, here are some thoughts about Dr Nandipha’s choice to associate herself with a criminal.

South Africans wage war against Zimbabwean over Thabo Bester, Dr Nandipha joke


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