“Opposition Is As Dead As A Dodo”: Hopewell Chin’ono In Bitter Fight With Chamisa’s Camp

In an unprecedented show of disharmony, government critic and award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is at loggerheads with Citizen’s Coalition for Change leadership after describing the opposition as “dead as a dodo”.

Chin’ono drew the ire of CCC leadership among them their spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere after calling them out for failing to take advantage of political fodder brought in by the broadcasting of the corruption documentary, “Gold Mafia”, produced by Al Jazeera.

Leader of CCC Nelson Chamisa has not commented on the Gold Mafia documntary and is being accused of being a lwayer to one of the racket’s kingpin.

The journalist has been largely vocal about corruption in government as a major driver of Zimbabwe’s economic collapse, hence when the gold mafia documentary was flighted, according to him, the opposition was supposed to take advantage and call out the government and possibly discredit ZANU PF as election period looms.

“In Zimbabwe the opposition is truly dead as a dodo”, said Chin’ono in a post.

Dead as a dodo

Unimpressed by this criticism, CCC party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere took a jab a Hopewell Chin’ono while discrediting his journalism credentials which the latter is often so proud of.

The now extinct Dodo bird.

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As the exchange became heated, one opposition supporter suggested that the two need not expose each other publicly and the exchange got overheated.

“I do not need to DM Fadzayi Mahere, I am doing my work, let her do hers.

“I stand by my statement that the opposition has done very little in exposing corruption and hammering on it yet collecting US$40,000!

“If you find that offensive, then you are the one who has a problem”

Mahere came with a huge slap back.

“That chap did one video mukabhilivhiswa, A Champion wins elections, penetrates rural strongholds, mass mobilizes communities who believe without payment, runs a moher ship, has strong allies in SADC & is tipped to win by independant surveys moti hapana. Tirikukuonai hedu.”

The crude exchanges between the two has given fodder for ZANU PF as they feed on the cracks which they attribute to lack of structures in the CCC party.

“Mbudziyadhura says the opposition is as dead as a dodo. A dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was native to Mauritius. Mathematically, he’s saying: CCC = MDC = Dead = Dodo = Extinct. Mahere says that chap did one video. Meaning he is also dead as a dodo.”

Chin’ono’s utterances angered many in the opposition such as Takudzwa Ngadziore;

FOR AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: If we are to note the definition of ‘dodo’, it still doesn’t make the expression right.

The Opposition Movement led by Pres
isn’t “dead as a dodo” NO !!!

Let’s appreciate the efforts being put by our masses & build from there. #Diction !

In a thread Takudzwa Ngadziore slammed Hopewell Chin’ono for demoralizing the “foot soldiers”;

Ludicrously, we can actually demoralize our ‘foot-soldiers & online forces’ by failing to acknowledge the efforts being put to topple the evil ZANU-PF regime.Unless if it’s being done deliberately,I believe as leaders we should build from those efforts !

2/DEAD? We’ve seen numerous campaigns, fundraising initiatives, issue-based statements, brilliant voter registration campaigns, door-door activities, rallies, Citizens Assemblies, Community Indaba”s etc. After all this you just type “dead”, why not ask Shabba for a better word ?

3/ OPPOSITION? Maybe you think President @nelsonchamisa is alone. He represents the dejected masses of our people regardless of social stratification. We’ve been on the ground pushing, with him as our pillar ! We are the alternative movement & next government. #ZanuPfMustGo

4/BOOTLICKING ? The expected reply of someone who doesn’t want to admit being wrong is to say we are bootlicking. Your response: We are not ‘court jesters’ but true revolutionaries who believe that we must appreciate the work being done & push for more ! There’s no boot !

We’ve a duty as revolutionaries to be pillars of Hope (not -well). The evil ZANU-PF must go & it takes everyone’s effort. Even if we want change that bad, may we never demoralize the base. Those efforts, will count, to execute our METHOD OF REVOLUTION. #ChangeIsComing

Chin’ono has emphasized the need for opposition players to accept constructive criticism of they are to be labeled a democratic alternative.


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