Nadia Nakai left hungry and angry by ‘bogus’ Zimbabwean Changamire awards executive

The popular South African rapper Nadia Nakai, who is currently in Zimbabwe, has unluckily encountered some challenges.

The gifted performer had travelled to Zimbabwe to attend the Changamire Festival Awards as a special guest. She just lost her boyfriend and fellow rapper AKA in a tragic accident.

Nadia Nakai expressed her frustration with the situation on her Instagram account, saying that despite her willingness to support the festival, Jackson “Zimboy” Muchechetere, the event’s founder and executive, left her in a bind by refusing to pay her for her appearance.

“Also @jacksondezimboy DO NOT PLAY WITH ME!!! 😡,” she shared on her Instagram stories.

Jackson “Zimboy” Muchechetere was called out for his lack of professionalism and described as a con artist, and she advised her followers and fellow professionals.

Her problems, however, were not, regrettably, over. After being left without food during her time in Zimbabwe and having no way to get it, Nadia later found herself in a delicate predicament.

She was compelled to use social media to query her followers about the existence of Uber Eats or any other practical food delivery service in the nation.

Nadia Nakai left hungry and angry by 'bogus' Zimbabwean Changamire awards executive


“@jacksondezimboy is a con artist! Don’t work with him. Ever! And that’s on peerrriod! What he’s put me through! Hai never again! The amount of DM’s I’ve got since my post telling me how much of a scammer he is! Like wow bro!,” Nadia wrote on her Instagram stories.

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