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Watch: Four Kids In Near Death Experience

The parents of four children are thanking the heavens after their kids had a close brush with death.

The miraculous incident took place on a regular Sunday afternoon in Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape, as the children were strolling back from what seemed to be a church service.

As the four youngsters were strolling back home from a seemingly blissful church service, fate intervened, unleashing a shocking turn of events that could have ended in tragedy.

The clock read 1327hrs when a stolen motor vehicle, which was being hotly pursued by two other trucks, came hurtling towards the unsuspecting children as they walked on the left side of the road.

With alarming speed and recklessness, the vehicle crashed into a pole before veering off the road and tumbling over onto its roof. The impact of the collision sent clouds of dust billowing upwards, as the children scattered for their lives.

Three of the children instinctively ran towards the right side of the road, while one remained on the left side and emerged from the dust cloud, miraculously unscathed. Despite his miraculous escape, he couldn’t resist the urge to retrieve his lost satchel from the chaos. However, after a brief attempt, he retreated back to safety.

South Africans React To The Incident


The near-fatal incident was captured by a CCTV camera and subsequently shared on Twitter has stirred a range of emotions among South Africans, from utter shock and horror to profound gratitude for the safety of the children involved.

You can watch the footage of the incident below:

Here are a few reactions to the incident:


Tjo, the light pole helped. Glad, the kids are ok😢


At least they survived…..must be traumatizing for those boys.


Scary, thank goodness they are okay

Meanwhile, a section of South Africans said the children would have lost their lives because they were walking on the wrong side of the road in the first place.


The most important aspect here is they were walking on the wrong side of the road. In South Africa you walk on the right side of traffic.

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