Simphiwe Ngema, Not Shawn Mkhize Visited Thabo Bester

Following claims that Durban socialite, reality TV star, and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize was the TV personality who actually paid Thabo Bester a visit while he was incarcerated. Simphiwe Ngema, an actress and singer, is supposedly the visitor in question, according to a piece of allegedly fresh evidence involving jail records with a list of visitors’ identities.

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Shauwn Mkhize has rubbished the claims that linked her to convicted Facebook r*pist and murderer Thabo Bester. Mkhize quickly put to bed the rumours that were already swirling around, after News24 reporter and journalist Karryn Maughan revealed that a certain female TV celebrity was in contact with Bester whilst in prison.

“What has been fascinating is because we have the prison records, we have been phoning the number of people that have been visiting him and a number of people he listed as contacts. Including a well know celebrity that you and I will both know, we have seen her on the television screens. And what is fascinating to me is that he seems to have done this thing where he said my name is Tom Motsepe and I am a relative of the Motsepe family but I am in prison under a fake name because my family… you know… it is a whole political thing, people can’t know who I am.” said Karryn Maughan, News24.

Mamkhize implicated in Thabo Bester saga
Shawn Mkhize denies visiting Thabo Bester

However, according to Advo Barry Roux on Twitter, new information has come to light that suggests other alleged celebrity names that allegedly appear on Thabo Bester’s alleged prison records. Former Muvhango actress and singer Simphiwe Ngema have been implicated as the female TV actress that allegedly visited and kept in contact with Bester.

Barry Roux proceeds to claim that another unknown person by the name of Thomas Gumede was also allegedly in contact with Bester whilst in prison.

“According to Thabo Bester’s visitors’ RECORDED list, a female celebrity who used to visit him in Prison is former Muvhango actress Simphiwe Ngema. An unknown person named Thomas Gumede visited Thabo more than anyone. Not the actor though. MaMkhize’s doesn’t appear on recorded list” wrote Advo Barry Roux.

MaMkhize left the social media streets in stitches after a funny video she posted on Instagram whilst refuting the claims of ever knowing Bester.

“Bathong! Tha Simelane woke me up this morning telling me to rush to Twitter,” she said. “Guys, I just got beaten by Cape Town City yesterday my heart is sore. What does my name have to do with Thabo Bexter (Bester). Please can the white lady (Karryn) tell the country who is the well-known celebrity who is involved,” she continued.

Shauwn asks if she is the only well-known celebrity in the country, “But guys, does this mean I am the only well-known celebrity in South Africa?”

She then encourages people to go and buy her book, My World, My Rules and talk about that instead.

“Please just go buy my book. That is the only thing you can do for me and talk about that. Support me! Stop involving me in things I am not involved in” ended MaMkhize

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