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DNA proves son is not his, baby mama lays false charges to have him arrested

A Harare woman identified as Annah Munzeiwa, with cunning and deception, convinced an unwitting man to care for a child that was not biologically his, for a whopping four years.

However, the truth was exposed when her partner, a man simply identified as Dakarai, decided to have a DNA test done. The test results proved that the child did not belong to him.

Now, to add fuel to the fire, Annah is making accusations of domestic violence against Dakarai.

The conclusive DNA results that unequivocally prove the child in question is not biologically related to Dakarai were seen by H-Metro. Despite the tabloid’s attempts to reach Annah for comment, her mobile number was unreachable.

In an interview with H-Metro, Dakarai revealed his side of the story. He revealed how for the last four years she has been claiming that the child is his.

“She has been holding my family hostage claiming that I was the father of her child for the last four years. She made me take care of this kid and she even tried to kill the kid last year at our house claiming that the family dogs had bitten him. The cuts were not consistent with dog bites. So, we were back home for a memorial service and managed to do the DNA tests and it came out I am not the father,” Dakarai told the publication.

Harare Woman Tries To Get Baby Daddy Arrested

According to Dakarai, Annah shifted her strategy and accused him of orchestrating the dog attack on the child once the DNA test proved negative.

He asserted that Annah had previously made two false accusations against him, attempting to have him arrested. Despite the child’s injury, she insisted on blaming Dakarai and his dogs.

Dakarai disclosed that he and Annah first met in 2018 while he was on vacation in Zimbabwe from the UK, where he grew up. After inheriting four properties in Zimbabwe, he decided not to return to the UK.

“At one point she left me, the baby for six or seven months. The second time she came to leave the baby through her mainini. All along I was thinking he was mine until the DNA results. I am the one who took her to the hospital to give birth and moved in together. I was always giving her US$150 every month for the boy,” he said.

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