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Chivayo Chowing ‘Solar’ Money After Another Maybach Purchase

Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has set tongues wagging on social media after flaunting his newly acquired 2023 Maybach Benz GLS60O and 2023 Rolls Royce Cullinan cars. The cars are believed to have cost him a whopping USD 1.25 million.

Chivayo, who was recently acquitted of misappropriating USD 5.6 million for the abortive 100MW Gwanda Solar Project, took to his Twitter handle to share photos of his new luxury vehicles, urging his followers to “normalize luxury in their lives.”

Just received my BRAND NEW 2023 ROLLS ROYCE CULLINAN. Normalize LUXURY in your life, SUFFERING is not an ACHIEVEMENT. Learning to remain calm when you’re being disrespected is a SUPER POWER. Work hard, stay disciplined, and be patient YOUR TIME will come. 850 K USD WELL SPENT.

Wicknell Chivayo's Luxury Maybach and Rolls Royce Cars Raise Eyebrows on Social Media
Wicknell Chivayo Flaunts his Luxury Maybach and Rolls Royce Cars (Image Credit: Twitter@sir_wicknell.)

In a separate post, he said, “$400K USD well spent” in reference to the new 2023 MAYBACH BENZ GLS60O.

“NOWADAYS everyone wants to show they’re RICH until it’s time to spend RICH PEOPLE MONEY… Be patient, keep pushing, and remember” Whatever the mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE”.THE ALL-NEW 2023 MAYBACH BENZ GLS60O. Another USD 400K well spent. GOD IS THE GREATEST !💰🙏

Outrage on Social Media as Wicknell Chivayo Flaunts Expensive Maybach and Rolls Royce Cars After Gwanda Solar Project Acquittal

While some social media users congratulated him on his new acquisitions, others accused him of using money meant for the solar project to buy the cars. Critics also questioned the source of his wealth, with many asking what kind of work he does to amass such a fortune.

Despite his acquittal, Chivayo continues to face backlash from the public, with many accusing him of using the money meant for the solar project to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

The controversy has sparked debate about corruption in Zimbabwe and the need for more accountability in the use of public funds.

Check out some of the reactions from Twitter;


mari ýemagetsi edu, uchaibhadhara chete hako mira one 


“Keep pushing”
What exactly are you pushing?
At least chiita kuti tiwane magetsi, not kuti wakadya mari yemagetsi wouya pano kuzotiudza kuti keep pushing zvekumurmurh


My question still stands sir WHTS THE SOURCE OF YR INCOME 


Usadaroo iwe apa mari yemaSolar wakadya 


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