Connie Ferguson Imposter Cons Woman R800k

A South African woman has headed to court after allegedly getting scammed out of R800 000 by Forex Traders pretending to be local actress Connie Ferguson.

According to reports, the woman made contact with the scammers on Facebook where they had used Ferguson’s photos.

The chats soon moved to Whatsapp where they were able to convince the woman to fork out thousands which she reportedly obtained from bank loans.

Hearing about the news, a concerned Ferguson advised people to be weary of fake profiles while adding that the scammers need to remove her name and pics from their cons.

Matokgo Elizabeth Makutoane has been left with her head in her hands after getting conned out of almost a million rand.

Matokgo first came in contact with the scammers on Facebook where they created a fake profile using Connie Ferguson’s name and pictures.

Scammers used Connie Ferguson's pictures to scam an unsuspecting woman. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson
Scammers used Connie Ferguson’s pictures to scam an unsuspecting woman. Images via Instagram: @connieferguson

The scammers then told her about a “lucrative investment opportunity” where she would need to invest R100 000 and get R10 million back.

She was also informed that she would need to pay a withdrawal fee of  R256 000.

Between March 4 and 13 she reportedly deposited R100 000 and erroneously deposited R302 000 in lieu of R256 000 in respect of the withdrawal fee.

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After sending the money, she was then told to send $47,000 ( R860 337,35) in order to get a remittance card which would allow her to withdraw her millions.

Briefly News reports that she took bank loans and sent a further R460 000 into the account of the swindlers in a desperate attempt to get her money back.

According to Sunday World, she sent around R867 000 to the swindlers before realising that she was a victim of a scam.

Matokgo then took the matter to court opened a fraud case and ask the court to impose an urgent interdict to prevent the defrauders from withdrawing the funds.

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Upon hearing the news, Connie Ferguson expressed sympathy for Matokgo who she hopes will recover her money.

She also shared how annoyed she is over the accounts using her name to scam unsuspecting victims. The star reportedly said that she is too busy to press criminal charges against the impersonators.

“They must just remove my name there quickly and I hope that this poor woman can get her money back,” she said.

Meanwhile social media users have slammed Matokgo as “greedy” and “dishonest” for believing in the get rich quick scheme.

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