Jah Prayzah, Winky D fans clash over Sarungano video’s similarity to Happy again

A much-anticipated new music video for the multi-award-winning artist Jah Prayzah’s smash song “Sarungano” has been made available. Feli Nandi, a fellow Zimbabwean artist, is featured in the video, which has already gained popularity on social media.

The new song by Jah Prayzah, however, has been compared to Winky D’s “Happy Again” by social media users since the premiere of the video.

Social media users have expressed concern over Jah Prayzah’s most recent single, “Sarungano,” after some listeners said the song is eerily similar to Winky D’s smash hit, “Happy Again.” Music lovers in Zimbabwe are debating whether Jah Prayzah has plagiarised Winky D’s distinctive sound because of this.

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Fans of Winky D started making fun of Jah Prayzah online by saying that “Sarungano” was just “Happy Again” remixed. Some have even claimed that Jah Prayzah was encouraged to pursue music by Winky D, who is a major fan of the singer.

Jah Prayzah’s supporters, on the other hand, fired back, claiming that there were no similarities between the two songs and that Winky D’s “Happy Again” really sounded like Jah Prayzah’s own smash song “Jerusalema.”

Analyse a few of the responses;


Nothing new on Jah Prayzah’s new video “Sarungano”.

After l finished watching Sarungano video l have realised that Jah Prayzah is a big fan of Winky D & he was inspired by Winky D to become a musician.

Sarungano” is just a “Happy again” remix


Thank you JP for this Shona version of Winky D’s Happy Again , kuno kuMasvingo tinongoti haiwa mavhura huru😅🙏🏻


I have just played that Winky HAPPY AGAIN song then SARUNGANO haaa JP vakangoita zvavo Shona version of HAPPY AGAIN though it sucks big time.I rate it 2/10 for that SARUNGANO song.


Happy again yakabva ku Jerusalem uko saka tiringoita part 4😅😅..
Jerusalem >mwana wamambo> Happy again > sarungano😅😅😅😅😅..
Tamirira part 5

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