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Where is the real Thabo Bester; No Physical Sign Of Him In Court

The country has been gripped by the Thabo Bester story for the past couple of months and counting. This is as the great escape of the convicted murderer and serial rapist dubbed the Facebook rapist was a headline story which implicated now-disgraced medical practitioner Nandipha Magudumana.

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Despite an alleged attempt to flee the law, the two were subsequently apprehanded in Tanzania. Now, they are currently appearing in front of the court for the alleged many crimes. But it seems that both Dr. Nandipha and “Thabo Bester” will continue to play the courts.

More especially “Bester” given his recent antics according to recent reports.

Will the real Thabo Bester stand up

One of the headline stories throughout the unfolding drama was what was Bester’s real identity. As reported at the time:

What has become public knowledge following convicted Facebook r*pist and murderer Thabo Bester’s arrest, is that Bester does not possess a valid South African Identity Document.

…Following the reports by the Minister of Home Affairs Dr Aaron Motsoaledi that suggests that Thabo Bester is a South African by birth but he is not registered with the Department of Home Affairs.

“Man of mystery: Thabo Bester born in SA, but not registered with Home Affairs – minister,” reports News24.

The confusion that has clouded a handful of people is how did Bester managed to register to a tertiary institution (Damelin), opened a bank account, bought cars, and obtained a driving license without a valid South African Identity Document. 

After being initially dropped by his initial legal team, it seems that ‘Bester’s” new legal team has some clever antics to get the “mystery man” out of trouble. This is as he appeared virtually at court again today. This appearance was the first of the delay tactics as it was questioned whose decision was it to do so.


But it was the second tactic by his new legal team that had everyone surprised. This is as it is reported that his legal team questioned whether the courts can prove without reasonable doubt that the man on trial is actually Thabo Bester, and given the aforementioned, this will be hard to prove.

As such, there are some that have given “Bester’s” new legal team kudos on the ingenious legal defence.

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