Ricky Rick’s Mother Shares Secret Details About The Day He Took His Own Life

The late rapper Riky Rick’s mother has shared intimate information about the moment his life ended last year.

Rikhado Makhado, better known as Riky Rick, passed away on February 23, 2022, at the age of 34. He allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his house after going through a terrible depressive episode.

Riky Rick spoke openly about his despair in various interviews and podcasts prior to his death. He claimed that after losing his father when he was 18 years old, he suffered from persistent depression as well as anger issues.

He also admitted to struggling with alcoholism and a desire to be accepted. He admitted to using counselling to deal with his emotions and claimed he had two sides to himself: a family man and an outgoing rapper.

Ricky Rick's Mother Shares Secret Details About The Day He Took His Own Life
Ricky Rick’s Mother Shares Secret Details About The Day He Took His Own Life @Instagram

His mother, Louisa Zondo, is publishing a book called Dearest MaRiky — A Mother’s Journey Through Grief, Trauma, and Healing, in which she pours her heart out, detailing her son’s death.

Louisa also revealed what happened the moment they found Riky Rick hanging in his studio to the time he was taken to the hospital. She added that internationaly-acclaimed spinners Major League DJs were present on the day.

In a paragraph seen by SA Hop Hop Mag, Louisa divulges:

“Sheikani called to say Rikhado’s friend Bheki Nkentshane had managed to pry the studio key out from under the gap at the bottom of the door and unlocked it. He and the Major League DJ twins Bandile and Banele Mbere found Rikhado hanging from a rafter and cut him down. A bellowing noise sent me rolling on the back seat of the car.”

TimesLIVE also reached out to Riky Rick’s mother and she spoke candidly:

“At some point, it felt like I could not proceed. I desperately needed help. This is when I started intensive [work] which has been painful and healing at the same time.

“Even though for a long time I felt extreme longing and pain when engaging with memories of my son — images of him, a sense of his presence in various spaces, his music and material on the internet — engaging with the memory of my son was the very thing I was drawn to.”


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