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Video of Prophet Bushiri Preaching In South Korea Has Mzansi Talking

Notorious Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri was seen giving a sermon in South Korea in a video that has caused controversy across Mzansi.

Recent talks about Bushiri’s alleged fraudulent operations and his continuing legal issues in South Africa have been rekindled in response to the footage.


Video of Controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Preaching in South Korea has Mzansi Buzzing
Video of Controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Preaching in South Korea has Mzansi Buzzing (Image Credit: Screenshot from video Twitter @Ke_Arturo)

Shepherd Bushiri has gained notoriety for his alleged involvement in shady investment schemes that defrauded unwary people out of an incredible quantity of money that exceeds R100 million. Authorities in South Africa have accused him of fraud and money laundering as a result of these accusations.

In addition to his other legal issues, Bushiri is accused of rape as a result of claims that date back to June 2018. A grieving father alleged that Bushiri had sexually molested his teenage daughters, a charge that has damaged the preacher’s reputation.

Despite being granted bail alongside his wife, Mary, by the Pretoria magistrate’s court, Shepherd Bushiri managed to evade South African authorities by fleeing the country in November 2020. The couple faced a substantial bail amount of R200,000 each, reflecting the gravity of the charges levelled against them.

Mzansi Reacts to Video Shepherd Bushiri Preaching in South Korea


Now, with the emergence of the video showcasing Bushiri preaching in South Korea, Mzansi is abuzz with mixed reactions. Social media users have expressed their opinions, with some suggesting that Bushiri is targeting Asians as potential victims.

Amidst the range of responses, a recurring theme is his reputation as a fraudulent prophet and scammer. Many are quick to point out his alleged lack of discrimination, claiming that he scams people from all walks of life without bias. The video’s release has sparked discussions about Bushiri’s audacity and work ethic, with some even labelling him as the ultimate schemer across different races and territories.

Watch the video below;

Check out some of the reactions;


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This guy has to go down as the best schemer of all races 😂😂

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